Thursday, January 12, 2006

We're Off!

Just a quick post to say that we are getting ready to head for the Airport. To give you a rundown of our travel itinerary, our flight from Tulsa leaves at 3:00. We then fly to Dallas/Ft. Worth. At 5:30 our flight departs for Sao Paulo Brazil. We will arrive in Brazil 7:00 am local time or 3:00 am Tulsa time. Unfortunately, we have a long layover till our flight to Goiania so we will likely grab a cheap hotel room to rest up
All in total, it should take us around 24 hours to get to Liliam's home town. But for all of you that will come to visit us (hint hint) never fear, you can knock of the last leg of the trip because our home base will be very close to the Sao Paulo airport.
This next month will mainly be set up time. We will be setting up a bank account, looking for a place to live, getting drivers license, and all other pertinent documents. Hopefully by the second or third week of February, our shipping container will have arrived and we will be settled.
After that, it is off to language school for me and Liliam will continue to focus on carry that baby of ours and putting finishing touches on our new home.

We love and will miss you all!
Jason & Liliam

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