Friday, June 09, 2006

It Has Begun!

So the World Cup began today. To which 90% of America responded with: "the World What?" The World Cup may not be a big deal in North America, but for the rest of the planet...this is a HUGE event.
For Brazil, the defending champions and Cup favorites, there is a unimaginable amount of energy flowing through the country. Everything is decorated in "Verde e Amarelo" (Green & Yellow), Brazils colors. And when I say everything, I mean EVERYTHING. Yesterday, I was driving out of downtown on my way to pick up Gabi at school when I saw a poodle with his face dyed green and his body dyed yellow.
So far only two games have been played, Germany v Costa Rica and Ecuador v Poland. Germany, the host country, looks very, very good and will certainly challenge Brazil if they meet in the finals. The final score was Germany 4, Costa Rica 2. I am not sure if the fact that Costa Rica was able to score two points is a good thing or the fact that Germany was able to score 4 points so easily is cause to be fearful.
Anyway it plays, these next several weeks will be filled with excitement, nervousness, and hopefully....much celebration.

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Coach said...

My landlord is in Germany for the next two weeks. He is going to see the Croatia/Brazil match on Tuesday. They played a friendly in Split last summer and it was a draw on Croatia's home field, and Brazil didn't bring that Ronaldhino guy.