Monday, April 03, 2006

Voce Fala Portuguese

So I started my language school last Monday. To put it bluntly, all I can really say is "como"? Ok, it was not that bad. The thing is that all three of teachers (one for each class...i.e. Monday, Wednesday, Friday) speak English, yet refuse to during our time together. I know all of you are saying, "well good for them." And I just does not make it very easy.

Learning is language is certainly a humbling experience. Everyone says you must become like a child again, learning from the very beginning. This fact could not have been proven better than by last Wednesday's homework....the alphabet. What made it even more humbling was the fact that Gabriela (my four year old daughter) had the same assignment! In fact, she regularly corrects my Portuguese.

Of course as the classes progressed, it became easier and easier to both understand and to communicate. At this rate, I should be fluent in Portuguese in about two weeks. Ok, so it will likely take longer than that. But I am learning and I am having a lot of fun. One of my teachers goes to my church. So we spend our time together reading and translating bible passages, articles on missions, and hopefully soon, going over the coming Sunday's worship songs.

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HimOverSin said...

How cool is that, good job. Learning the language with your daughter.


(That's "good" in Portuguese.)